Lapland UK 2018

We were lucky enough to be invited to the opening day of Lapland UK and what a day it was!

Last year Ruby was terrified of Father Christmas, in her own words she ‘cried and cried and cried’ so I wasn’t sure how she would be this year. However, now she understands what Father Christmas does, she was super excited to meet him.

About a week before we went, Ruby was sent a letter in the post from Father Christmas inviting her to come and visit him. This was a nice touch and added to the narrative well.

When you arrive at LaplandUK, the parking is only a short walk to the welcome hall. You are welcomed by the Elves and the hall is set up with check in desks, here you get your passport and other extras such as a colouring book, newspaper, jingles (currency) and tokens for anything preordered on your booking. We were also given a sticker that allocated us on a specific tour. On the day we went there were two tours going at once but it’s cleverly done and if you didn’t know, you wouldn’t! There is also a cafe in the welcome hall where you can get drinks and a selection of cakes etc.

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Wingham Wildlife Park

One of our favourite days out is to Wingham Wildlife park, we have annual passes and go every week or two. For toddlers, this is a great introduction to a variety of different animals.

Unlike the lager zoos, you can really get up close and personal to a lot of the smaller animals; guinea pigs, snakes, lizards, birds, meerkats and penguins to name a few! They also have larger animals, such as tigers, lions, bears, wolves and monkeys. Particular highlights for Ruby include walking into the flamingo enclosure, watching the penguins play underwater and feeding the goats.

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Customise your own Christmas Stockings

After finding the Christmas sacks ugly and prone to breaking, I decided this year to have a go at making our own Christmas stockings. When I say ‘making’ I mean decorating some from Hobbycraft, I’m not the best at sewing – something I plan to get better at one day!

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Afternoon tea at The Lane, Deal

One of the best afternoon teas I have ever had, and I’ve eaten a fair few of them! The Lane in Deal has become hugely popular for their afternoon tea, which can be requested as vegetarian or vegan too.

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Easy bakes – Gingerbread men

Winter is finally here! This means a fair few more hours spend indoors for us, especially with Sienna being so little and it getting dark at 4pm. Afternoons are the perfect opportunity for us to bake whilst Sienna naps and Ruby’s favourite thing to make is gingerbread men – I think this is down to the tasty treats she gets to put on top! The recipe is very simple and it doesn’t take long to do…

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Propess pessary induction

I naively thought my second pregnancy and labour would mirror that of my first, how wrong was I! Ruby was born at just over 37 weeks, my waters went first, contractions started a few hours later in the early hours and she was born at 10.37am that morning. I went through my second pregnancy gleefully expecting the same to happen, however it did not. From 36 weeks my midwife told me I was fully engaged and that she too expected the baby to come at a similar time to my first. Well 37 weeks came and went, 38 weeks passed us by and by 39 weeks I was so disappointed she wasn’t here yet and I was still not even full term. The one silver lining was starting maternity leave and getting extra weeks to spend with Ruby, one-on-one before the new arrival. This summer was one of the hottest I can remember and although it was uncomfortable being pregnant, I was glad the baby decided to stay put until it got slightly cooler.

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Birthday magic at Disneyland Paris

After finding a great last minute deal, we decided to take Ruby to Disneyland, Paris to celebrate her second birthday. I had recently found out I was pregnant with our second child so it seemed like a great time to go before the new baby arrived.

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DIY Gran Canaria trip with a Toddler

One of the last trips we took as a family of 3 was to Gran Canaria, a place we had never been to before but was recommended to us for the climate and child friendly beaches.

Rather than book an all inclusive, we decided to book a DIY trip, with Ruby being only 2, we felt she would not eat/drink enough to warrant the all inclusive price.

What we booked…

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Center Parcs – Elveden v Longleat

Center Parcs is our go to place for a short break. Since having Ruby, we have been to both Elveden and Longleat and stayed in a variety of different accommodation types. We are lucky enough to be able to go outside of school holidays – I did have a look for a long weekend in the summer holidays but I could not believe the difference in price. I’m certainly not looking forward to the day we have to pay those prices!

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Flying with toddlers

I have always loved flying. There is just something about airports that I find fascinating; there are hundreds of people in one place making their way to destinations over the world. I used to pack my bag the night before, get to the airport and breeze through check in, hit the shops and have a bite to eat then board the plane without thinking twice about anything.

Not anymore! For the majority of the time, I now have a small two legged creature who travels with me too and my love for airports is slightly less than it was before.

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