The proposal!

The Christmas holidays are finally here, 2 glorious weeks off work to enjoy the festivities. After Chris spending last year in hospital with gallstones, we were really looking forward to celebrating this year.

As it was such a lovely day today we decided to take a walk down to our favourite local beach and get some fish and chips. It was pretty cold being December and even though was shining I didn’t think we would be out for too long. We walked for what seemed like ages, Chris was acting really odd and kept making excuses to stay out a bit longer. I should of twigged then that something was up but before I had time to even think about it, there he was down on one knee by the sea, sparkler in hand!

We had spoken about marriage before but it was not something I had really considered prior to meeting Chris. After my parents divorced, marriage was not high on my agenda! Meeting Chris made me realise that chances are worth taking, so I did not leave him waiting too long before I said yes. Next minute he had bundled me and there we were lying on the freezing cold stones, receiving odd glances from passers-by.

Best Christmas present EVER!


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