Picking a wedding venue

We toyed with the idea of getting married abroad. Neither of us want a big wedding and we quite fancied the idea of picking a nice warm destination, where you can pretty much guarantee a bit of sunshine, to say ‘i do’. However after a few discussions, we decided to have an English wedding to ensure that all our family and friends could be there to share our special day.

Having just a few months ago purchased our own house, we did not have a huge amount to spend on a wedding. After shopping around, we soon realised that summer weddings were hugely more expensive that winter ones and yet in this country you can never guarantee the weather. We therefore decided to have a winter wedding so that no matter the weather we had not paid a premium and would be happy with whatever elements were thrown our way. Neither of us have ever been to a winter wedding before so we were looking forward to doing things a little differently.

We visited a few venues but settled on the one that was most inviting and felt right for us. We had read excellent reviews prior to our visit and the staff did not disappoint. We were shown round by the manager who explained everything we could possibly need to know and made us both feel very at home.

They gave us an excellent deal on the date of our choice, there were no hidden extras and even though they had recommended suppliers, we were under no obligation to use them.

No January blues for us! Bring on the planning 🙂

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