The guest list

Possibly the hardest thing I have had to sort out for the wedding so far. There are so many taboos when writing your guest list, who to invite during the day and who to have to the evening reception. After lots of conversations and list writing, we were finally down to our 50 day guests and 50 reception guests.

In the end we just had to keep reminding ourselves that this is OUR wedding. My Grandma explained that back before people went wedding mad, you used to have a simple church wedding followed by a slice of cake and cup of tea, held usually at the brides parents house. Now you read the average wedding costs over £20,000 so what happened! As soon as you say the word wedding, prices soar. A wedding cake is 10 times the price of a birthday equivalent and a bouquet is 5 times the price of a lovely large bunch of flowers! Not to mention the price of a good wedding photographer.

This is where you need to be clever, hunt around for a bargain and enlist the help of family and friends. My mum is making our cake, I found a girl fresh out of agricultural college who has her own florist business for our flowers and due to the time of year, we got a great photography deal through a friend of a friend who has a stunning portfolio.

Sometimes I think people get so caught up in what they should and should not have at a wedding, they forget why they are actually getting married in the first place. It is your day, do what you want to do and remember it is not a competition with that girl from your year at school who is constantly posting about her massive ‘fairytale’ wedding online!

Next job, the dreaded table plan!

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