Moving house 3 days before our wedding…

After purchasing our first home as a bit of a project, we knew we would not be there forever. We spent 12 months doing it up and with the property market in a good place, we decided to sell up and move back to the seaside.

We sold our house in July and have been sitting in a chain ever since. Our solicitor laughed when we mentioned that we were getting married in November and asked to avoid the week before the wedding for completion,  I remember her saying to us ‘you will be in long before that!’

Even though it is happening today, I am still in a state of shock that we are moving house 3 days before our wedding. I have never done things by half but this is pretty extreme even for me. With our wedding being at the end of the year, we have both used up most of our holiday for this and our honeymoon. Luckily, Chris had a moving day saved and was determined to move us with the help of his mum, sister and some local removal men. I meanwhile, went to work, eagerly anticipating the end of the day when I could go and see our new home.

Our home

I got home and could not believe how much he had done! We ended up with boxes around for months after our last ‘do-it yourself’ and here I was walking into a house we had merely owned for hours and most the boxes were already unpacked. The joys of having removal men Chris said, if we ever move again (at the point of writing this neither of us want to for a long long time) we are 100% using removal men, they were worth every penny.

I will be sleeping in our new house just for one night before the real wedding preparations start. Right now I am looking forward to next week when we can have a bit of a rest…

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