Avoiding alcohol and friends questions!

Still being around the 7 week mark, we have only told two of our closest friends and don’t want to tell anyone else until a little further into the pregnancy. This can be difficult when socialising, especially out for dinner when I would usually have a drink or two!

The day before we were due to fly to Fuerteventura I started to feel a little sick and we had arranged to have dinner with some good friends. To avoid suspicion I volunteered to drive up to the airport which would get me out of the spotlight this time! It seems that as soon as you get married everyone’s favourite next question is about babies… It can be awkward lying but quite fun at the same time as you both share a secret together, at the end of the day it is your choice when you spill the beans, it just so happens we are not ready yet!

So here I am getting into my role of designated driver for the next 7 months 🙂

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