Pregnancy apps

There are so many different pregnancy apps out there but the one I have found most useful is Babycentre, This app gives you a new bit of information daily on pregnancy such as foods to avoid, changes in your body and baby updates. Each week when you get to a new milestone the app gives you details on the stage your baby is at now and what is forming.

There is also a forum on this app and you can join various groups. I have joined the Jan 2016 birth club and even though I have not posted much myself on there, it has been really good to read about other expectant mums who are going through the same things as you. I found it especially useful when I got told about the cyst on my right ovary and found that quite a few other people in the group were experiencing the same thing.

I know in some forums people can be a bit nasty but so far I have only seen positive comments and good advice from other women.

Overall, I really rate the Babycentre app!

A few other apps I have tried are What to Expect and I’m Expecting. Both are okay but the What to Expect app is very american so not everything applies to us in the UK such as scans etc. It does however have some quite cool videos as each weekly milestone which tell you about the changes in your baby which are worth watching.

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