Telling friends and family

We have taken our time to tell the world about our pregnancy! We wanted to make sure that everything was okay before exciting others, even though it has been tough for keeping it a secret for so long.

We did different things to tell different people and it has been lovely to see their reactions face to face rather than just a Facebook like or comment.

Both sets of parents are excited about becoming grandparents for the first time and our siblings about becoming aunties and uncles, I feel this baby is going to be one spoilt baby!

There is no perfect time to tell I don’t think, everyone is different. I just know that personally telling people is far more appreciated and thoughtful than virtually telling them if possible. I had a lovely Skype conversation with my aunt and cousin to tell them the news and at a good friends wedding we went to last week we took a photo of us holding the scan in their photobooth as we knew they wouldn’t see it until the next day!

It has been nice to share our news with our loved ones, now we can all be excited together.

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