Using a Doppler at 14 weeks

One of my friends suggested getting a Doppler at home to be able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. I was a little sceptical about getting one as I have heard quite a few negative things about them – mainly they cause unnecessary worry for mum-to-be and midwives are not keen on them at all.

As it was only £20 from Amazon we decided to give it a go. It comes with headphones and a small tube of jelly as well as the instruction leaflet. We spent about 20 minutes trying to find the heartbeat but had no success! It is possibly a little early yet although I have seen some people comment they have found the heartbeat at 10 weeks. At one point we did think we could hear it but then realised it was just my own!! You can tell the difference as your heart beat is a lot slower than that of a baby at 14 weeks.

We may try again in a week or so! We are not worried though as it was only cheap and the hospital equipment probably costs 100 times that in comparison.

Right now I would say they are more trouble than they are worth, will let you know if that changes!

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