What to eat at a BBQ…

When you have really gone off meat! It was Chris’ birthday BBQ today and we hosted our first summer party together in our new house to mark the occasion. Lots of friends brought along stuff for the BBQ and we ended up with packets and packets of sausages, burgers and other meaty treats! I am still not really interested in meat, but my love for potatoes has increased so I ended up with a plate of salad bits, a boiled egg and a more than generous portion of potatoes…

I am actually finding lot’s of tasty meet free recipes, even Chris has been quite taken with quorn spaghetti bolognese! Deliciously Ella has some nice bits, the app is really good and also Madeline Shaw is another one to look out for, lots of healthy ideas when nothing else really takes your fancy.

Compared to all those that woke up with a sore head Sunday morning, I must say that it has been lovely to wake up hangover free 🙂

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