Beauty Box – An adult treat!

Since having Ruby my ‘me time’ has somewhat dwindled, I have found Beauty Boxes to be a welcome monthly surprise full of new products to try.

So far I have tried 3 different beauty box brands – Glossybox, Birchbox and most recently, Look Fantastic. They are all around the same sort of price (£12-15) once you factor in P&P and they get delivered around the start of each month.

I like the fact that you are never tied to one box for too long, you can opt to pay monthly and can cancel any time, giving you the freedom of choice!


My first beauty box was the sort after Glossybox. This box is packaged best out the three and gives you five new products to try each month. You can also set your profile to have the box tailored to suit your news e.g. skin type. Glossybox have a huge list of brands that they work with so you do get a good variety.

The only downside I found of Glossybox is not all the products were suited to me even though I had completed my profile. For the price though (£10 + P&P) this box is great value and certainly has the best packaging.


I love these boxes! First impressions of the Birchbox were not fantastic after getting the Glossybox as the packaging is very basic and the box much smaller. It just shows that you should never judge a book by its cover! Again, you get 5 products to try but I found that they were a lot more suited to me personally. You fill out a questionnaire the same as you do with Glossybox but I found personally, the products were a better fit.

The brands they work with are really good, a lot of exciting brands that I had never heard of but deliver some great products. The cost of Birchbox matches Glossybox – £10 plus P&P.

The most awesome thing though about Birchbox is that you earn loyalty points each month by reviewing your box and contents. Each month I earned around £5 for very basic reviews and I could then spend that in their shop – you also get 10% off any full size product you order.

Birchbox tend to offer a free full size product when you sign up too which is a nice touch.

Look Fantastic

The Look Fantastic beauty box is the latest one I am trying after reading so many rave reviews. The packaging is more to the style of Glossybox which has a very nice feel when opening and searching for your products hidden under tissue paper!

This box is slightly more expensive than the other two at £15 per month but you do get 6 products rather than 5. I have found that this box (so far) appears to have a better balance of make up and skin/hair care products. In this months box for example I received some tweezers, a hair conditioning mask, full size mascara, brow tamer, face cleanser and liquid luminiser.

A nice touch with this box is you get the latest copy of Elle included which is worth over £4 by itself.

The downside to this box is there is no beauty profile to complete – or not that I have found anyway! Having said that, the products so far would cater to most.

So, overall it’s a toss up between Birchbox and Look Fantastic and I’m still undecided which one I like more as they both have great extras – Birchbox with the review points each month and Look Fantastic with the extra product and copy of Elle magazine. If I really had to choose just one, right now I would spend the extra and go with Look Fantastic for an all round experience!




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