Letters of the future

What do you get a child for their first birthday? Answer – I have no idea, they usually have everything they need! This was indeed true for Ruby so after seeing a very thoughtful post on Facebook, I decided to ask members of our family and her godparents for a letter that she could open on her 18th birthday.

Nobody knows what the future has in store and who will indeed be here in 17 years time (as morbid as that thought might be) so I can imagine that reading theseĀ letters on her 18th birthday will be somewhat interesting and emotional. It was certainly emotional to write!

I do not know what has been written in the letters, apart from mine of course. Hopefully there are plenty of words of wisdom for the 18 year old Ruby, for now they will be put in her first year box and left for the next 6200ish days!

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