Customise your own Christmas Stockings

After finding the Christmas sacks ugly and prone to breaking, I decided this year to have a go at making our own Christmas stockings. When I say ‘making’ I mean decorating some from Hobbycraft, I’m not the best at sewing – something I plan to get better at one day!

The stockings I got are quite big so not really for display, these ones are more for Father Christmas to fill with goodies on Christmas Eve. Each stocking cost £2 (£8 for the four of us), then I bought snowflake sequins and some other shiny sequins, some white felt for the letters and some jingle bells. I think in total for everything it came to about £15, which isn’t bad for four stockings. The only extra thing I needed to buy was some fabric glue and that was about £3.

I printed off some large letters to use as a stencil and cut around them on the white felt. I used the fabric glue to stick them on, although you could sew them on if you wanted to.

I used both types of sequins to decorate the letters and main body of the stocking, again using the fabric glue to secure them in place.

I also added a few jingle bells on each stocking by tying ribbon round the inside loop.

I think in total it took about an hour or so to do all four, a perfect activity for an evening when the occasional hour is usually all I can grab at the moment. They were also super easy to do and Ruby gave them the thumbs up!

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