Letters of the future

What do you get a child for their first birthday? Answer – I have no idea, they usually have everything they need! This was indeed true for Ruby so after seeing a very thoughtful post on Facebook, I decided to ask members of our family and her godparents for a letter that she could open on her 18th birthday.

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Hitting week 15!

Time is now going really fast, can’t believe the baby is now the size of an apple according to my app this morning! I now have lots of energy back and am feeling great, my skin is starting to improve and I am beginning to get the hint of a bump.

I have not felt any movement yet, maybe the odd flutter but people have said to me that could just be wind!

I have my second midwife appointment next week and another 5 weeks to go until the scan, excited to potentially find out if it’s pink or blue.

Week 14 update

Finally the tiredness has eased off and I’m feeling more like myself again – it’s only taken 14 weeks and 4 days!

I have been doing more exercise as well which I think has helped, not anything too extreme though! We have been out on the bikes and walking to the beach after work as sitting at a desk most of the day probably isn’t doing me much good. I want to try yoga over the next few weeks as I’m really missing my other classes!

Also, I have found that by eating little and often I’m feeling much better than when I have eaten larger less frequent meals. Still not wanting to eat much meat though!

I even think I have started getting a fluttering feeling every now and again which is very strange…

No scan date yet but meeting with the midwife in 2 weeks so hopefully will get booked in then. Looking forward to seeing how much the baby has grown.

Pains when 6 weeks pregnant

I started to get quite severe abdominal pain on my lower right side and as we are off on holiday in a few weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to get checked out just in case there is something wrong with the pregnancy.

I booked a doctors appointment and after a short examination, the doctor decided to book me in with the Early Pregnancy Unit for a scan just to be on the safe side and to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

The scan is booked for the 10th May so not too long to wait, just keeping our fingers crossed!

Our wedding day

The best day of my life so far!

The sun was shining and we could not of asked for a more perfect day. I was so nervous right up until I walked into the room and saw Chris standing at the top of the aisle surrounded by our family and friends, then the nerves just disappeared.


The whole day went in a flash. Everyone said it would go quickly but I had not anticipated just how much time would fly. We managed to have all our photos taken outside just as we had hoped and we had so many compliments on all the little things we had done to ensure everyone had a lovely day. The magician we had to entertain the guests while we had our photos taken was amazing and we highly recommend him, he even stayed longer to show us a few tricks once we sat down for our meal.

The speeches were emotional, Chris even made a video of him singing one of our favourite songs in all the places that mean something to us. Best video ever!!


The staff at the venue went above and beyond and really made our day magical. We had the whole hotel to ourselves apart from two couples who were staying there (and wished us well when we saw them in the lounge). It was so personal and special, we can not thank them enough for giving us the best day.

Our cake was very tasty as expected and now I have been asked by a few people if mum can do theirs!

One of the best things we did for the evening was hire a photobooth. We had one for 3 hours, our guests got to take away a momentum of the evening and were presented with an album full of photos at the end of the night – some more interesting than others…


We spent the evening on the dance floor dancing away with all our guests and I could not believe when the DJ announced the last song, where did the time go!!

We were overwhelmed with the generosity and will remember tour day forever.


A special mention to…

The Little Silver Hotel

Photography by Kirsty

Holly Hanrahan (make up)

Ela Lapus (hair)

Chris Harding (Magician)

TC Photobooths

Dallas Events (Decoration including arch)

The night before the wedding!

It is all becoming very real now! My bridesmaids and I have just finished decorating the venue ready for tomorrow and the nerves have started to kick in. I said goodbye to Chris earlier and it suddenly dawned on me that the next time I see him I will be making my way down the aisle to become his wife.

Memory board
Memory board
Wedding Post Box
Wedding Post Box

The girls are all being amazing, keeping me calm and my mind on other things so I have not had much time to get nervous! We are setting up camp at Mum’s B&B tonight ready for a mad rush of getting ready tomorrow. 6 bridesmaids, 1 flower girl and a bride in one house getting ready is going to be interesting, not to mention my mum, brother, aunt, uncle, cousins and grandparents who are also here!Ā There are clothes, bags and cosmetics everywhere!

Hookstead House B&B
Hookstead House B&B

The ‘last supper’ was spent reliving tales of the pastĀ and still I do not think the enormity of what is happening tomorrow has hit me. It was strange not speaking to Chris but I’m sure Brendan (best man) is taking good care of him!

Wedding cake
Wedding cake

Mum is currently putting the finishing touches to our cake. We chose double chocolate for the bottom layer, Victoria sponge for the middle layer and lemon for the top layer, cannot wait to try it regardless of how tight my dress is!

The hairdresser is arriving at 7am so alarms have now been set, not that I will get a wink of sleep tonight. One last night as a Miss!

Moving house 3 days before our wedding…

After purchasing our first home as a bit of a project, we knew we would not be there forever. We spent 12 months doing it up and with the property market in a good place, we decided to sell up and move back toĀ the seaside.

We sold our house in July and have been sitting in a chain ever since. Our solicitor laughed when we mentioned that we were getting married in November and asked to avoid the week before the wedding for completion, Ā I remember her saying to us ‘you will be in long before that!’

Even though it is happening today, I am stillĀ in a state of shock that we areĀ moving house 3 days before our wedding. I have never done things by half but this is pretty extreme even for me. With our wedding being at the end of the year, we have both used up most of our holiday for this and our honeymoon. Luckily, Chris had a moving day saved and was determined to move us with the help of his mum, sister and some local removal men. I meanwhile, went to work, eagerly anticipating the end of the day when I could go and see our new home.

Our home

I got home and could not believe how much he had done! We ended up with boxes around for months after our last ‘do-it yourself’ and here I was walking into a house we had merely owned for hours and most the boxes were already unpacked. The joys of having removal men Chris said, if we ever move again (at the point of writing this neither of us want to for a long long time) we are 100% using removal men, they were worth every penny.

I will be sleepingĀ in our new house just for one night before the real wedding preparations start. Right now I am looking forward to next week when we can have a bit of a rest…

The hen party

The girls and I decided to go to V festival for the hen as none of us had done a full festival weekend before. My bridesmaids organised the whole trip and whisked me away for a weekend of camping, mud, no sleep and of course music!

We arrived at midday and the campsite was already busy, the rain had just started as well so at least we knew that we were going to get an authentic festival experience! After walking for what seemed like miles with all our stuff we began to set up camp in a rather boggy part of the field (there was not much choice left). Being the least practical one, I was sent back to the car to pick up the rest of our supplies whilst the girls battled with Chris’ large 4 man tent which he had entrusted me with for the weekend.


After finding our way around the festival site and spending some time attempting to win a large stuffed crocodile to be our mascot for the weekend (we did not win him), we settled in to our first night camping. As none of us had been before, we did not realise that the red camping zone was known as the site that never sleeps and indeed it really does not! Next time I think we will try yellow, we are now too old for the 72 our red campsite party…


What an amazing line up for this years festival!

Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran and The Killers to name a few and even the All Saints made an old school appearance. An unforgettable weekend with my best friends. Now that is what a hen party should be about!

Just a shame Chris’ tent never made it through…