Adopting Ben and Jerry

I have only ever had dogs growing up and the idea of getting a pet cat did not thrill me. However both working full time, we are unable to give a dog enough attention but really wanted a pet so after much thought and deliberation, we started looking for a cat to adopt.

We came across an advert of two tabby brothers whose owners were relocating and were not able to take their pets with them. After asking lots of questions we decided to adopt them and become ‘parents’ to Ben cat and Jerry cat.

I was on my hen do at V Festival when Chris went to pick up our new house mates from Essex and I was looking forward to meeting them when I got home, still very much undecided on whether I could become a cat person!

Getting home at midnight yesterday, I crept in quietly and opened the lounge door to 4 eyes staring up at me. Both cats were a lot smaller than I imagined, considering they were 3 years old, they looked more like kittens. The one with the white socks (Ben) came over instantly and let me stroke him whilst the smaller of the two (Jerry) stayed firmly under the table. All my doubts vanished and I knew we had made a good decision.

We are keeping them in for a few weeks so they get used to their new surroundings.

Hot water bottles
Hot water bottles

The table plan

We are having 6 tables plus the top table at our wedding breakfast. We have only invited close friends and family to this part of the day so you would think that the table plan would be easy. Wrong! You would not believe the politics that is behind the table plan, especially with divorced parents. You don’t want to upset anybody so you spend ages working out the best possible place for each person to sit where they will be most content. However there is only so much time you can dedicate to swapping people from table to table and in the end you just need to allocate everyone a set and be done with it!


We named our tables after all the places we have been together with our top table being named after our favourite destination that we have travelled to so far – Chiang Mai.

Now as long as people do not drop out or break up prior to the wedding, our table plan is done!

The guest list

Possibly the hardest thing I have had to sort out for the wedding so far. There are so many taboos when writing your guest list, who to invite during the day and who to have to the evening reception. After lots of conversations and list writing, we were finally down to our 50 day guests and 50 reception guests.

In the end we just had to keep reminding ourselves that this is OUR wedding. My Grandma explained that back before people went wedding mad, you used to have a simple church wedding followed by a slice of cake and cup of tea, held usually at the brides parents house. Now you read the average wedding costs over £20,000 so what happened! As soon as you say the word wedding, prices soar. A wedding cake is 10 times the price of a birthday equivalent and a bouquet is 5 times the price of a lovely large bunch of flowers! Not to mention the price of a good wedding photographer.

This is where you need to be clever, hunt around for a bargain and enlist the help of family and friends. My mum is making our cake, I found a girl fresh out of agricultural college who has her own florist business for our flowers and due to the time of year, we got a great photography deal through a friend of a friend who has a stunning portfolio.

Sometimes I think people get so caught up in what they should and should not have at a wedding, they forget why they are actually getting married in the first place. It is your day, do what you want to do and remember it is not a competition with that girl from your year at school who is constantly posting about her massive ‘fairytale’ wedding online!

Next job, the dreaded table plan!

Picking a wedding venue

We toyed with the idea of getting married abroad. Neither of us want a big wedding and we quite fancied the idea of picking a nice warm destination, where you can pretty much guarantee a bit of sunshine, to say ‘i do’. However after a few discussions, we decided to have an English wedding to ensure that all our family and friends could be there to share our special day.

Having just a few months ago purchased our own house, we did not have a huge amount to spend on a wedding. After shopping around, we soon realised that summer weddings were hugely more expensive that winter ones and yet in this country you can never guarantee the weather. We therefore decided to have a winter wedding so that no matter the weather we had not paid a premium and would be happy with whatever elements were thrown our way. Neither of us have ever been to a winter wedding before so we were looking forward to doing things a little differently.

We visited a few venues but settled on the one that was most inviting and felt right for us. We had read excellent reviews prior to our visit and the staff did not disappoint. We were shown round by the manager who explained everything we could possibly need to know and made us both feel very at home.

They gave us an excellent deal on the date of our choice, there were no hidden extras and even though they had recommended suppliers, we were under no obligation to use them.

No January blues for us! Bring on the planning 🙂

The proposal!

The Christmas holidays are finally here, 2 glorious weeks off work to enjoy the festivities. After Chris spending last year in hospital with gallstones, we were really looking forward to celebrating this year.

As it was such a lovely day today we decided to take a walk down to our favourite local beach and get some fish and chips. It was pretty cold being December and even though was shining I didn’t think we would be out for too long. We walked for what seemed like ages, Chris was acting really odd and kept making excuses to stay out a bit longer. I should of twigged then that something was up but before I had time to even think about it, there he was down on one knee by the sea, sparkler in hand!

We had spoken about marriage before but it was not something I had really considered prior to meeting Chris. After my parents divorced, marriage was not high on my agenda! Meeting Chris made me realise that chances are worth taking, so I did not leave him waiting too long before I said yes. Next minute he had bundled me and there we were lying on the freezing cold stones, receiving odd glances from passers-by.

Best Christmas present EVER!