22 weeks – watching my belly move!!

After not feeling much up until now, this evening laying in bed I could definitely feel the babyย kicking! Chris even managed to feel it kick once which was lovely – he has been waiting to feel this for ages!

We could also see the movement and either a foot or hand poke out just below my belly button several times – this was extremely odd and weird for me but strangely exciting too.

I still cannot feel the baby move all the time but it was reassuring to have finally felt what I know were actually kicks!

20 week scan!!

Finally the day is here for our 20 week scan, super excited! Only a few more hours to go…


Just come out of the scan and everything was as it should be, lovely to see how active our baby was kicking away, even if it was kicking my bladder! The scan was so clear and we managed to see all we needed to including the brain, bladder, bones, kidneys, abdomen etc.

The sonographer also could see the sex so wrote it down for us in an envelope for us to give to Claire (Chris’ sister) who is going to make us all a chocolate at work with a coloured centre – pink for a girl and blue for a boy – and we will all have one later on together.

Exciting!! So pleased the scan went well… slightly sad we won’t be having another one as it’s nice to see the baby wriggling around and I am yet to actually feel movement due to my anterior placenta.

scan 20 weeks