Propess pessary induction

I naively thought my second pregnancy and labour would mirror that of my first, how wrong was I! Ruby was born at just over 37 weeks, my waters went first, contractions started a few hours later in the early hours and she was born at 10.37am that morning. I went through my second pregnancy gleefully expecting the same to happen, however it did not. From 36 weeks my midwife told me I was fully engaged and that she too expected the baby to come at a similar time to my first. Well 37 weeks came and went, 38 weeks passed us by and by 39 weeks I was so disappointed she wasn’t here yet and I was still not even full term. The one silver lining was starting maternity leave and getting extra weeks to spend with Ruby, one-on-one before the new arrival. This summer was one of the hottest I can remember and although it was uncomfortable being pregnant, I was glad the baby decided to stay put until it got slightly cooler.

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Hitting week 15!

Time is now going really fast, can’t believe the baby is now the size of an apple according to my app this morning! I now have lots of energy back and am feeling great, my skin is starting to improve and I am beginning to get the hint of a bump.

I have not felt any movement yet, maybe the odd flutter but people have said to me that could just be wind!

I have my second midwife appointment next week and another 5 weeks to go until the scan, excited to potentially find out if it’s pink or blue.