Third and final trimester!

Finally in my third trimester, the end is in sight! I am now 28 weeks and still feel pretty good, I am still exercising regularly and do not feel too uncomfortable yet.

My midwife has said the baby is now head down so hopefully now will stay that way until the birth but we will see. The kicks have got a lot more intense and I am needing to go to the loo even more which I did not think was possible!

12 weeks to go!!

One final Babymoon!

I love, love, LOVE to travel! This will be the thing I miss the most, or so people keep telling me. I however hope that having the baby will only encourage us to travel more but as a first time Mum I am  not too sure what to expect so watch this space on that one!

We have decided to stick to Europe for our final break and visit Prague and Budapest, both places have interested me for a while so it seems appropriate to tick these two destinations off my long list.

We flew with Ryanair to Prague for £40 each and then took a private car (how posh!) to our AirBnB  apartment which was located in the new part of the city. The apartment was in a beautiful old building and was huge, perfect for the two of us and my ever expanding bump! Our host was there to greet us upon arrival and gave us valuable information on where to go, how to get around and most importantly what to eat. The apartment cost was similar to a hotel however the space we had was far greater and we fitted in just like locals rather than looking too touristy!

Prague was beautiful! It is now one of my favourite cities and I cannot wait to come back one day.The contract between the old city and new city was fabulous and the castle the opposite side of the river to the one we were staying was well worth the trip over. The best thing I ate whilst here was hands down the pancake from Den Noc but be warned this place is very small so tables get taken very quickly, it is also tucked away on a small street so can be tricky to find but well worth it. Having said that, we did not have a bad meal whilst in Prague and we were pleasantly surprised with how reasonably you could eat out here. Much cheaper than London that’s for sure!

After three nights in Prague, we took the train to Budapest which took about 7 hours and cost us 19E each for a second class seat. We had a whole compartment to ourselves in the end and were left alone to enjoy the scenery and read in peace. This trip was so easy and was much better than the hassle of flying such a short distance. I got all the information I needed from Seat61 which we have also used many times when in Asia.

Budapest was just as picturesque as Prague and again it was very easy to get around. We travelled by foot in both cities quite comfortably, even being nearly 6 months pregnant I found it very manageable. I would highly recommend eating at Comme Chez Soi which is the number 1 restaurant on Trip Advisor currently. Again it is quite small so booking is advisable however we did manage to walk in and get a table for a late lunch. This family run restaurant served high quality Italian food with local charm and they went out of their way to make sure you had a good experience.

Being pregnant, I was unable to try the spas in Budapest which was a huge shame as they sounded lovely so I would like to go back one day just for this! One highlight of the trip for me was visiting the underground hospital in Budapest, ‘Hospital in the rock‘ which run tours most days. The tour is based around the emergency care the hospital offered during the second world war.

We stayed in another Airbnb apartment which was smaller than the last but it a great part of town which was in easy walking distance to everything that we wanted to see. This time we did not meet our host as they had a number combination for the door but there was lots of information left for us in the apartment on the best things to do during our stay.

So our final babymoon was extremely successful! We both had a lovely time getting away for a few days and would highly recommend both destinations. I did not find travelling at 6 months pregnant to be difficult, in fact it was probably the best time to travel as I was in my second trimester so was feeling pretty well!


Bump @ 25 weeks

25 weeks down, 15 to go! My bump is finally starting to show now and I am well and truly into my maternity clothes. I have always been pretty small so learning to accept the changes to my body has probably been one of the toughest things so far. I think I am frightened that I will never again fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. So far I have put on just over a stone and a half and although I am allowing myself a few extra treats here and there I am not eating any more than I usually would be.

As soon as I remember what we are getting at the end, the weight gain seems like a small price to pay!

ASOS – maternity sale

I have given in and got online to seek some maternity clothes! I came across ASOS maternity sale which had a huge collection of brand to choose from and the prices were really reasonable.

I managed to get work and casual wear which should last me through for £100 with free delivery on Tuesday, excited to try on some clothes that will fit nicely and not now be too short or tight due to my expanding bump 🙂

Also, Topshop have a few good bits left in their online sale, I managed to get a maxi dress for £10 which will come in handy next week when we go on our babymoon.

Second hand items – to buy or not to buy?

The cost of preparing for your first child can go into the thousands! There seems to be so many gadgets out and about that you MUST have that it is no wonder parents end up spending a fortune on things that lets face it, they may never use. I think back to what our parents had and what their parents before them had and we all turned out okay – so what do you really need and what is just a bit of a gimmick!?

This list seems to be quite good, there is a section for items which are nice to have but but essential as well.

We have decided to buy bits and bobs as we go along to try and spread out the cost. Prams were one thing that we found to be crazy prices – some over £1000 once you had purchased all the extras! We went out and tested a few and in the end settled on the Joolz Day Earth which was easy to push, at a good height and folds down to go in the car well. It also means we can use the maxi cozi car seat on this pushchair which will be very handy when the baby is first born. If we purchased the pram new it would still cost us over £1000 so we did a bit of looking around on eBay and Gumtree and saw there were quite a few second hand ones about – some in much better condition that others. The one we went for in the end was from eBay and had only been used a very limited number of times, it came with a whole load of extras and looked immaculate. It cost us less than half the price of buying new and is in perfect condition, it is a little bit of a gamble buying second hand if you cannot go and view but it certainly paid off for us!

There are lots of local groups on Facebook and also Gumtree which you could use for second hand items and be able to go and view before purchasing.

We also picked up a massive bundle of 0-3 month clothing either new or worn once for £30, there must of been over £200 worth of clothes all brand like Next and Mothercare.

The cot is another item we purchased from Facebook locally, it is a John Lewis cot which costs over £100 in the shop and we got it for £25, other than a scratch or two it’s in amazing condition. We will be purchasing the mattress new as that’s advised but cannot fault the cot.

It just shows that even though having a baby can be expensive, if you do look around locally, there are some bargains to be had.

We are going to go along to the next local NCT Nearly New sale as I have been told these are fab!